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When acupressure disc meets skin the result is next level recovery - Grab yourself one of these magical mat/pillow combos to feel the energy flow. The release of muscle tension, aches, pains and resultant stresses, improved circulation, and improved sleep (sleep being so crucial in the recovery process) will have you feeling like a new you!

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The Recover Pro Acupressure Mat works its magic when pressure is applied to the many points of contact of the acupressure discs with your skin. The sensation on your skin should turn from the initial prickliness, to a sensation of warmth and comfort, (this is all of the good stuff flowing).

The acupressure mat supports deep sleep and relaxation, circulation, relief from stress and helps boost your vitality.

How to use

Start with a shorter time on the mat and grow that time as you become more familiar with your mat. Benefits are many, including the release of muscle tension, aches, pains and the resulting stresses, improved circulation, improved sleep (sleep being so crucial to the whole process of recovery).

We recommend you play around with the mat to get what suits you best. Place the mat on a softer surface, a bed or sofa as opposed to the hard floor. Wear a layer of clothing to damp down the prickliness and increase the comfort to start off, progress gradually to bare skin as tolerance grows.

Start with a shorter period of time 10- 15 mins and grow that time as you are able to, with time and trial you will want to spend all day on this magical piece of recovery equipment.

Lay on your back, lay on your belly, place it under your torso, place it under your legs, stand on the mat, stand on the pillow or rest your feet on it whilst sitting on sofa.

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Mark Nathan

Acupressure Mat + Pillow

Train Harder, Recover Faster

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