How to use


Attach a massage head of your choice to massage gun.


Flick the power switch on the bottom of the gun on.


Start the massage gun up by pressing the power button on the screen and choosing a speed level between 1-20


Slowly move the massage gun over the desired muscle group and enjoy your massage.


Massage Gun Heads

Understand what the interchangeable heads of your next massage gun are used for.

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Round Head

The round head attachment is mostly used for the larger muscle groups like the quads, hamstrings and glutes, it's great for biceps and triceps too. This head has a large surface area making it easier than the others to target the larger muscle groups in the body.

Flat Head

The Flat head attachment is the perfect head for all over use (general full body massage), other areas that may be best targeted with this attachment are the shoulders and the lateral aspect of the upper legs (the IT bands).

Bullet Head

The Bullet head attachment is the perfect attachment to pinpoint trigger points and specific parts of the muscles and also for smaller body areas e.g hands and feet.

Fork Head

The Fork (spinal attachment) is the perfect attachment for going up and down the length of the spine, targeting the muscles either side, as it should not be used directly on the bone.

Tree Head

The tree head is an alternative head for general body use and dense areas of the muscle eg. glutes, pecs, quads.

Rubber Head

The Rubber head attachment is great to use on or around soft tissue and muscles that are tender or sensitive as it gives a much softer massage.

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